Ans1.  Delhi NCR and Lucknow for all the services of Lazzat including big and small parties.  Anywhere in UP for minimum 300 people gathering event

Ans 3. Almost all the festivals and personalised events like:

  1. Engagement ceremony
  2. Wedding / marriage ceremony
  3. Birthday parties
  4. Festival celebrations
  5. Corporate parties

Ans 4.  We offer multiple permutation combinations including veg and non veg menu. There is a standard north Indian menu mentioned on the menu page to give you an idea.  However, Customized menus are provided as per customer choices.

Ans 5. In India we have a concept of house wives but not house husbands that mean if there is a birthday celebration or any other type of small get together, the house wife is burdened with the kitchen chores and is unable to enjoy the event.  Therefore we offer outsourced kitchen service,  where we cook food in our kitchen as per your needs and deliver at your doorstep. 

Ans 6. Apart from providing food we can also take charge of your kitchen and .      

  1. Serve the food
  2. Clean the kitchen

Ans 7. Hygiene is a top priority at lazzat.  Whether it is cooking in the kitchen or serving. All the waiters are properly dressed with head caps and hand gloves.  We respect the sanctity of our customers’ sentiments beliefs.  Therefore our veg and non-veg kitchens are separate. Hence there is no mixing of utensils.

Ans 8. For small parties, especially in the outsourced kitchen category where the menu is not very elaborate we suggest food on per kilo basis, which is very cost effective.

Ans 9. Once we understand the number of people and the menu choices, the veg non veg ratio, male female ratio, adult and child ratio then we suggest the food by KILO which is a fixed quantity of the food.  For example for 25 people purely non veg menu we suggest

5 kG of mutton or chicken

3 kg’s of biryani or pulav

3 kg’s of paneer

2 kg’s of dal

35 rotis

Please note 5 kgs of mutton here means 5 kgs of raw mutton

3 kgs of biryani means 3 kgs of raw mutton or chicken plus 2 kgs of rice (effectively it is 5 Kg) etc. 

This is just to give you an idea.

Ans 10. Yes, you can.  If you wish to order only one item or two items for example only biryani or only Qorma minimum quantities are

  1. Biryani – 5kgs
  2. Qorma – 5kgs
  3. Paneer – 5kgs

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